Wellbeing and body care

Highly qualified personnel at our Marsa Alam spa

At Gorgonia Beach you can take advantage of our relaxation area, enjoying massages and treatments performed by our expert personnel. The resort also has hairdressers and beauticians.

Discover the ancient art of aromatherapy, which has become more and more refined through the centuries. Experience the healing power of essential oils during a relaxing and rejuvenating massage that will awaken your senses.

Targeted placement of heated stones onto your skin favors relaxation of the muscles and freeing of the mind..

This treatment includes a therapeutic massage of the lymphatic pathways using special aromatic oils. The effect of the treatment is diuretic, and stimulates the cleansing function of the glands.

This herbal therapy has been designed to relieve and reduce inflammation. The selection of therapeutic herbs includes ginger, turmeric and lemongrass. This treatment recreates the same stimulation achieved by using acupressure techniques on the energy channels known in Thailand as Sen Sib lines. The lymphatic massage supports functioning of the immune system and the elimination of toxins..

The best-known Eastern method of cleansing the body: after a 10-minute scrubbing of the entire body using a loofah sponge and a Turkish massage, this treatment cleanses the skin and leaves you with a pleasant sensation of freshness.


This stimulating massage increases blood circulation, which helps to fight that notorious “imperfection” that bothers so many women: cellulite.

This couple’s massage takes place in a romantic setting with candles and rose essence.

This massage combines aromatherapy with the benefit of hot stones positioned on different pressure points on your body. Ideal for relaxing both the muscles and the mind.

This therapeutic and relaxing massage combines movement of the muscles with pressure points. A Thai massage is relaxing, but at the same time energizing.

This massage uses special techniques (acupressure, foot and hand reflexology, relaxation and stretching of the muscles) in order reduce the formation of lactic acid created by intense sports or work activities. This treatment is also particularly effective in preventing muscle spasms.

Un massaggio a 4 mani con l’obiettivo di farvi ottenere una maggiore sensazione di relax su tutto il corpo.

A massage dedicated to couples, preceded by a steam bath and Turkish bath, coconut peel, scrub and coffee mask. The massage is performed upon conclusion of these treatments, and takes place in a romantic atmosphere by candlelight.


This sensory journey consists of a sauna session, a full-body scrub with coconut oil, steam bath and Jacuzzi, followed by an aromatic full-body massage and mask with sandalwood and lavender oil.

This sensory journey consists of a sauna session, scrub with flaxseed and papyrus oils, shower, steam bath, Jacuzzi and full-body massage with essential oils of sandalwood.

This sensory journey begins with a Turkish bath, followed by a whirlpool and sauna. Then Dead Sea salt is used as a body scrub, removing dead cells with a mild exfoliating action and leaving a marked feeling of freshness. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage using chocolate oil.

This sensory journey starts off with a steam bath to cleanse the skin, and continues with a body scrub using Dead Sea salt, which is rich in magnesium and thus helps to combat stress and fluid retention. A green-clay treatment follows that helps to eliminate toxins and also has assists in reducing “imperfections” such as cellulite.

This sensory journey includes a sauna session, body scrub using Dead Sea salts mixed with sandalwood oil, a shower, steam bath, whirlpool and finally a full-body massage with lavender oil.

The sensory journey is designed for those who would like to shed some weight. It begins with a sauna session, followed by a skin-smoothing scrub with lemon and orange. This scrub is well suited for oily skin, because lemon and orange reduce the occurrence of blackheads. An anti-cellulite massage and wrap finish off the treatment.

This sensory journey dedicated to pregnant women starts off with a light lymphatic massage to the legs, followed by a massage targeting the circulatory system using sea butter, known for properties that give elasticity to the skin and help reduce stretch marks. Those between 3 and 6 months of pregnancy can also relax in our Jacuzzi.



Recreation and Fitness

From muscle toning to beach tennis

6 regulation-sized beach-tennis courts, with bleachers and lighting

2 red-clay tennis courts, illuminated

1 multipurpose court

1 five-man soccer area on the beach

1 gym

1 billiard table (extra charge)

1 mini-golf course

2 beach-volleyball courts

1 basketball court

1 beachfront gazebo for holistic activities

1 jogging path of 1,800 meters

1 Ping-Pong table (table tennis)

2 bocce courts

Beach tennis special

Our resort has six regulation-sized beach-tennis courts. This allows us to host and organize various sporting events. You can stay informed about these events by reading the relevant section of our blog.

Explore Egypt and Marsa Alam

From the history of Luxor to snorkeling in the Wadi El Gemal National Park

Thanks to Gorgonia Beach Resort’s location, guests can explore the fascinating world of ancient Egypt, whether during a visit to Luxor or along the banks of the Nile in Aswan. You can even visit the Camel Market of Shalateen, on the border between Egypt and Sudan. Guests can also explore the surrounding desert with quads or jeeps, as well as visit Bedouin encampments.

The excursions are organized and sold by local operators and/or representatives of the various tour operators; you’ll find these reps in a dedicated section of the Gorgonia Beach Resort lobby.


Let us entertain you: our staff comes from Italy and all around the world
Throughout the day, our resort team will offer activities to those who are interested, ranging from shows to cabarets to little sports competitions to other activities.

For the little ones

Give yourself the gift of a perfect family holiday

Your children will enjoy a program of activities designed expressly for them: painting, puzzles, pool games, sandcastles, baby dancing and much more.

All activities are designed by our reliable entertainment staff with the aim of ensuring that kids have plenty of fun – in complete safety. Gorgonia Beach focuses on exploration of the underwater world as well as environmental sustainability. These activities are offered to children between 4 and 12 years old.

Gorgonia Beach also offers services dedicated to mothers with infants or children under 4 years old. These include facilities for heating up bottles and baby food in our comfortable nursery, where there are also changing tables, dishwashers, high chairs, cutlery and communal food for the children, replenished daily.

Local stores SHOPPING

From souvenirs to essential items

Between the pools and the Gorgonia Beach Resort beach you will find the souk, where many colorful shops offer guests traditional handicraft products from Egypt and Marsa Alam. These include not only souvenirs, but also unique handcrafted items made locally or by the Ababda women, who live in the nearby desert and offer jewelry, carpets and leather goods.

Another shopping source evinces our sensitivity at Gorgonia Beach Resort towards the local people and their traditions: on the beach to the south, Bedouins have been given permission to build a wooden structure in keeping with their ancient techniques (only dead wood, no nails). Inside, women and girls of the Ababda tribe expertly create objects and jewelry, which guests can purchase after having watched them being made.

For conferences and corporate events

Gorgonia Beach Resort is also suitable for incentives and company conventions

Gorgonia Beach Resort in Marsa Alam offers space, services and facilities for those who are planning events. Benefits include: high lodging capacity, large spaces, meeting rooms of various sizes with equipment and Internet access, possibilities for organizing group activities or team building, enchanting settings for gala dinners and excursions to unforgettable places.

For your convenience OTHER SERVICES

Ask our staff: we strive to fulfill every request

24-hour reception

Internet corner (extra charge)

Wireless Internet throughout the hotel (extra charge)

Room service (optional)

Minibar menu in room (extra charge)

Laundry service (optional)

Taxi service (extra charge)

Tour-operators area

Cash machine

Reading room / TV

A basic medical center is located just steps from the beach MEDICAL CENTER

Getting sick while away from home, whether during a holiday or a study or work trip, is an unfortunate eventuality that often catches us off guard.
A At Gorgonia Beach you will find a first-aid center to handle minor medical situations. In mid-April of 2016, a well-equipped ambulance was also permanently positioned at Gorgonia Beach. This vehicle is new and efficient.
A physician is also available.

24-hour medical services (extra charge)

First-aid kit


Pharmacy (extra charge)